Fun Quotes:

RD: “33 means 33, except when it doesn’t – which is now, because it means 35 in this case.”

MH:  “I love nerdy girls because they are the dirty girls.”

So, I was asked if I was a negative person. That is a fair question. I usually see the dark spot in the cloud before the silver lining. I answered that I don’t think I’m negative; I’m more of a realist or cynic. Not a happy-go-lucky person. I received a head nod – look away combo in response. Ok, done with that.

I was then accused of directing my statuses on facebook/twitter at people.  I do not deny that. The vast majority of them are directed at people who currently live in the state of Florida and Georgia; the most debaucher-ous of states.  This law center is not the only place in the world rockin’ certain trends, cute or not cute, bitchy or not bitchy, smart or just plain simple. But, people sometimes think that things are about them if they have anything in common with it. How silly of me for not foreseeing people’s sensitivities; I do have a problem with that.

I was also suggested not to burn any bridges; true fact. All of my useful bridges are sturdy and usable; made of steel. Then I have bridges that are made of wood with termites and I usually light fireworks off of them. But, arson of anything is bad so, from now I on will coat all my bridges in FF88.

Apparently, people around the law school are chattering about my ‘social networking directing’ tendencies. That’s not good; these people need to study. I will try hard not to do that anymore. When I decide to stop what are these people going to gossip about? Each other? No, they are each other’s ‘friends’ (except when they are complaining about each other). One of my friends thought I was being bullied and should have been a B; I don’t agree. Cleary, I’m rude enough; no need to continue that trait in a CHURCH.

As everyday, this was a great day; class, food, study, gym, volleyball. That is a win-of-a-day. As every morning, this morning feels good … Swag on.