Here are the personalities that run loose through the law center. A student usually only has one of these personality traits.

Gunner: A person who is competitive, overly ambitious and wants others to believe that they exceed minimum requirements. A gunner will compromise his/her peer relationships and/or reputation among their peers in order to obtain recognition and praise from his/her superiors. Gunners usually have to comment in every class of the day, every day; they love to hear themselves speak. A gunner can be smart or dumb, lazy or hardworking. They do not represent the top of the class. Just the other day, one of our class gunners asked a question about an exam that they would have known the answer to if they had EVER looked at an old exam.

“Over-achievers who want to be at the top of the class and who will stop at nothing to make sure they’re first and you’re last and are, in general, annoying jerks …” – JW

“Fuck Gunners.” – MH

Silent Gunner: A person who is competitive and overly ambitious, but does not flaunt it for the rest of the class to see. They are the people who are in the law library all the time and spend most of their time reading or studying. Whenever you see them they have a book open so when you walk pass them you are reminded that they are working and you are not. They even occupy the library on the weekends. Why they can’t study at home in their own space I will never know? I pay too much rent to spend my ‘free’ time with the CJS and law journals. These people will probably do very well. I really hope they do well because they bust their ass in the library with their different colored highlighters. “The silent gunners are the true winners” – JL

Partyers: ahhhh, The people we all want to be. They go to the bar on weekdays and go to multiple parties on the weekend. Everyone is surprised to see them in class because we all saw their crazy pictures from the night before. They very rarely read for class, but they are usually great BS-ers.

Married with Kids: My section is crawling with people who are married, have kids, or are married with kids. These people amaze me! How they give law school their full attention and their loved ones their full attention baffles me? Some even have spouses who live in different cities! WTH!! Why are you here?? Why aren’t you with the person you married? I will never understand b/c I’m not married … huh?

Chills: Chills are people who just go with the flow. School comes naturally therefore it gets just the right amount of time. Chills don’t get stressed or tense. They believe that school is school, not life, and that with time success will come. So why stress, right? And, this describes me.

… Swag on.