So, of course the LSU law center in is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Like every other respectable university and city in the fall, the weekend is not for studying it is for football. This past Saturday the LSU Tigers played the Alabama Crimson Tide. Luckily for Alabama, the Tigers gave them a tampon to stop their bloody flow. The Tigers won in overtime, 9-6. The Tigers would have lost had not ‘Bama’s kicker been shit.  Seriously, that boy is the worst kicker ever; it was just amusing.

Now, let’s look at my allegiance. I became a LSU Tiger on August 15, 2011; so I have been a fan for about 3 months, now. Sorry to say, I am not a die-hard fan, just yet. That doesn’t mean that it’s not coming; I am just a regular fan. My undergrad was not some little rinky-dink college that no one has heard of. There are people at the law center that jumped on the Tiger bandwagon so quick they probably gave themselves whiplash. Every person on this continent has heard of and knows the reputation of The University of Florida. Therefore, I was not looking for a big name school to stand next to; I already had that. But, its nice to still be in the SEC; I love the competition.

A reasonable person should love their undergrad more than their professional school; I will always love UF more than LSU. That does not mean that I don’t love LSU. Unfortunately, you will never hear me chant, “Suck that Tiger dick, bitch”, or “Rape your children.” And I won’t call/text opponent players. Sounds like fun, but that just won’t happen.

NFL. LOUISIANA ONLY HAS 1 NFL TEAM. That is crazy; feels like I’m in Oz. Maybe if the state created another team it wouldn’t be so poor. But, I guess that helps the unity of the state. I will forever hate the Saints. I am a DIE-HARD Buccaneers fans. TAMPA BAY, baby! Win or lose, lock out or black out, I will always be a Buccaneer. I can’t even pretend to like the coonass Saints.