The phrase “Keep you friends close and your enemies closer” has no place in the LSU law center. For one thing, this is impossible. Everyone is everyone’s friend and enemy. We are each other’s peers, legal counsel, competition, and opponents. Another thing is that we are in law school and we read everything literally, not metaphorically. Therefore. Why would you hang around your enemies? That doesn’t make any sense. One should chill with the individuals that he or she enjoys being around. The sad truth is that the law center is way too small to comfortably have enemies; it’s just easier that everyone is a friend.

In undergrad, if you didn’t like someone then you did not have to see him or her. There are just too many people on a college campus to notice that skank that can’t keep your name out of her mouth. But, this law center … boy oh boy. With only 800 people in this little building, tension bounces of the wall. God forbid someone’s dislike for someone else gets out! Then they are pegged as starting drama. It is not drama; it is normal feelings of dislike. People who peg every disagreement as drama get on my damn nerves. Stop being such a baby and realize that the world is not rainbows and laughter. Voicing your opinion about something is not drama; its being your own person and not following the crowd like a shadow. These no-differences-just-like-everyone people must be the people who had low self-esteem as a child and wanted everyone to be their friend.

Then there are the people who don’t want to act like adults. You may not like someone, but speak to them when you pass them especially when they speak to you, crazy! Words like “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “good morning” will not turn your animosity into like. Also, if you can’t make eye contact with a person you dislike … boy oh boy. You will have a hard time in court hahaha.

But, I can understand why people would be fake, to other people, here. Why be real with people you don’t know nor like? Just smile, go to class, and then go home. You don’t have to be besties with everyone or anyone. The people who don’t know themselves at all are probably doing the best because they like everything and everyone all the time.

Enough for now … Swag on.