My first exam of my law school career will be administered at the end of this month. That is less than a month away. I am so ready for exams to be over with. Exams have been on my mind since the beginning of October and I am ready to stop obsessing about them. Law school exams are, of course, essay exams. The average exam is three to four hours long. No biggie. I mean we all have at least a college degree so a 4-hour essay exam should be a piece a cake. Wait … no, that analysis is wrong. These exams are going to be a shit show of outline dumping. We have learned, or should have learned, so much information this semester its ridiculous. Unlike undergrad, we have to retain all this information for the bar exam. Torts class alone has my mind swimming in elements and labeling homicides in criminal law makes my head hurt. I study, but I don’t think I study enough. I also do not think that I could study anymore and still be able to function.

Not surprisingly though, my classmates are on their grind. The library is full, outlines are all over the place and professors are receiving practice exams. I am honestly proud of my peers for hitting the books. All sections are working hard to get to the finish lines. People are burning the midnight oil; I’m extremely proud of them for that. I need my sleep or I will be useless. But, my classmates seem like they don’t need sleep; they are champs. Some of them go to bed late and are studying early before class. I can only guess that they will be much more prepared for exams than I will be … eek.

It is WORK to be prepared for class everyday, study for exams, and work on our legal memo. TREMENDOUS WORK. Then there is the curve. Being graded on a bell curve in comparison with my peers is scary. We are not accustomed to be graded to how much better we did than the next person. = /

Law school makes it hard to .. Swag On.