The student profession is a sedentary career. I spend so much time sitting in class that sometimes my feet fall asleep. After sitting through class all day I have to study which consist of more sitting. No movement at all just the carbs and sugars in my body turning into fat and stretching my skin. Now I present one of my biggest fears of law school: that I will get morbidly fat.  Luckily, I don’t have a twisted view of myself. I am not a small girl. I am tall with a lot of meat on my bones. It is not thickness; it is just plain old fat. I have always been a chunky-monkey. My BMI is at the top of the ‘normal’ range. I’m scared to get in that ‘over-weight’ range. But, it’s hard to live that healthy lifestyle.

Surprising to a few, healthy food is expensive. I am a poor professional student with no incoming income. My loan money covers my tuition and 2 months rent. Healthy food is almost an impossibility. I would do a lot for an orange. Not one of the gross oranges from the grocery stores here, but an orange I picked off a tree down the street from my parents house. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are not inexpensive and I have bills that need to be paid. So, I end up buying quick and easy things and less fruits and veggies. Now, I don’t buy noodles, rice, or pasta, but ground beef and steak filets are on my grocery list every week. I recently added whey protein to my weekday mornings. I don’t know if it is helping anything, but I REALLY want fruit. So something has to get crossed off my list. “I don’t count calories; I count carbs.” – MH

Then there is exercise. You know that thing that everyone should do and actually many people do. I try to exercise 4/5 times a week. It’s clearly not enough, but it is what it is. About 3 of my family members have diabetes so I always have to keep that in mind. My routine is usually 30-45 min on the treadmill, strength/free weights, and I end the night with ab work. Sometimes, I feel stronger than before and other times I feel like a lard. Making it to the gym is hard to do when one has to study, but I feel horrible about myself when I don’t go.

I’m in a competition with a couple other girls to lose 10 pounds by the end of finals … eek. But, as long as I don’t gain any weight I would call that a WIN. & The theme of the semester: DO NOT GET SICK.  “Health care is a MF right” – MH

I watch my carbs and calories and continue to … Swag on.