I am so ready to go home. Seriously, I would rather be in Gainesville right now and you all know that is saying a lot. I’m not homesick; I just would rather be home. Law school is great. Geaux Tigers. I’m having a lot of fun and I’m learning SO MUCH, but its time to go home for a while. Tampa/Brandon is screaming my name. Ybor, Channelside, and the Beach are calling out to me. I’m excited for vacation in Miami and New Years in Nassau, Bahamas!!!!

Being in law school isn’t that much of an accomplishment in my family. My family is crawling with lawyers who all went to a better law school than me. So, they have their little UF law club and I’m on the out skirt. With that and all the babies, no one really cares about my return, except my parents maybe. There won’t be a party waiting for me at home. I am no longer doing anything impressive. But, my friends miss me and I’m about to be all up in their face.

The LTC (my friends) will be back together this December and things are about to get crazy. I have missed these ladies so much. They are politically incorrect, aren’t sensitive, they don’t gossip like housewives, they have indie-hipster style, they leave drama for their mama, they have manners and class, they can have a good time without alcohol, they are an eclectic group and best of all they are city girls and they are mine. We are about to be all up in the Red Room, Ybor on Thursday and Saturday, maybe a little tree house time.

It will be hard to return to BR in January, but I have no choice but to come back. I don’t see next semester being much better; I’m waiting for my 2L year. I will have class with my girls and class with my boyz; hopefully, no randoms. I may actually meet people I didn’t know before. Also, I will get a chance to see what LSU basketball and baseball can do. <- Excited!

Can’t wait to … Swag On.