Exams have been over for a long time and I am on winter break. The Christmas tree is almost dead and year 2012 is walking up the driveway. Soon, I will have to return to Louisiana and law school and pot holes. BUT, I am still on break right now and I am enjoying it.

When I left Louisiana on Dec. 11 I was mentally tired. I was ready for school to be over with. This past semester was the most draining academic semester of my young life. I was ready to be with my friends and my close family. I was accustomed to being away from my family, but not my friends. I missed them like crazy. I was ready to get out of the country and the South. This past semester was a crazy culture shock; I felt like I was in a character in an old southern movie. People ask me whether I will transfer to a different school. I want to change locations, but LSU gives me way to much money to turn down and money screams. So, this Florida girl will remain in the nasty South.

As one would suspect, my break has been AMAZING!! Here, are the rules that I live by while I have the resources to do so:

  1. Get cash
  2. Get a vehicle
  3. Go out virtually even night
  4. Go on vacation out of the country
  5. Family time during the day
  6. Work on one’s to-do list
  7. Plan future vacations
  8. Not sit on twitter all day
  9. Wine all the time!
  10. SWAG
  • These 10 ideologies have made this break FANTASTIC!
  • btw, hockey games are so much fun! Granted my fam and I were in club seats, but the game was intense, also. So, yay for hockey!
  • I leave for the Bahamas tomorrow. Beach for New Years … fun.
  • Oh, one of my bro’s wife’s is expecting so I shall have another nephew or niece soon.
  • And life is just awesome. I feel great. I will be so sad to leave Tampa and return Baton Rouge. But, I have to go to school and May isn’t that far away. Right?
  • I am excited to see my boyz and to see my girlz. I am missing my hipster boyz and Southern Belles.

Clearly, I have been too busy to post anything so here you go. I will have an abundance of time when i return back to BR till then … Swag on.