This is the 4th week of my second semester of law school. It is a VERY small accomplishment, but an accomplishment all the same. Grades have been out for a month now; and rankings have been posted. Let’s just say that I’m not in the top 10%, but I’m not in the bottom 10% either. Fortunately, I am I am still here; something that everyone cannot say.

A moment of silence for the students who were enrolled in fourth tier schools and were in that group of 25%-30% who had to be booted out of that law school. * tear * Luckily, LSU Law wants to retain its students, therefore the people who are no longer here left on their own will or did absolutely no work.

I’m back on the start-of-school grind. I’m reading for every class and actually coming to class. Let’s see how long this will last. Looking at back at last semester’s grades one would think that I would be very motivated to do better this semester, but let’s be real, I’m just not that type of student. I’m just not the type of student to let school stress me out. Sucks for me though, because those types of students usually do the best in school. My classmates are going to be fighting tooth and nail for theses Louisiana jobs and they are all really smart, smarter than me, and they all deserve it.

I get to go back to Tampa and fight with Stetson, FAMU, & Barry students (maybe UF & FSU, but I hope they have bigger goals and don’t come back to Tampa). I think I have a good chance. I know my stuff and I’m super fabulous. Estoy mucho divertido!

I have applied to 3 government internships for the summer; all set in Tampa. * fingers crossed * I really want one. Crazily, I am interested in government/public interest work; most of all Immigration Law.

Now, life is more than just school. Its summer jobs, pro-bono work, clubs, and applying to clinics soon. Life just got real, really quickly. But it’s all good; I’m not depressed yet.

I want to give a shout out to the LTC, doing big things! I love my besties:

– Margaret: 2nd semester @ Emory Law !!

– Kylee: teaching english in Buenos Aires … ahhh

– Molly: getting her masters in Sport Management @ FSU = )

– Ami: Research job at Tampa General Hospital and starting the medical school process

– Isabel: Living in Cali and started the grad school application

– Jess: In Tampa w/ Ami while stewing over her grad school options


And my most played song right now is: “Breathe ft. sean paul” by Blu Cantrell

We all continue to … Swag On.