I went to Mardi Gras for my FIRST TIME EVER this February. You see, this is a big deal. New Orleans is quite a trek from Central Florida and my friends and I would have had to get a hotel room and all that. But, since I live in good old BR, Mardi Gras was a day trip with D-money and Jazzy Jaz (lol). We stepped on Bourbon street at around 1:30 pm and the fun began. 2 grenades and 30 beads later its 5 pm and life was GREAT. I did not show my boobs for beads, but I did show my “abs” haha. Let’s see, I played a wash rack with a spoon, played with dogs, petted a horse, saw very small boobs, saw very big boobs, ate a questionable po-boy, peed 5 times, met friends on the street, watched some parade, clubbed it a little, and ended the night throwing up with a damaging headache. I would say that was a win of a Mardi Gras. IT WAS CRAZY! For all my Tampa people, let me compare it to Gasparilla for you. At Mardi Gras there is no water front bay, therefore no boating experience or beautiful view, beads come from the people up in the apt., mostly, and not from the floats, you can take your drink anywhere, people are naked, its easier to use the restroom, and you can’t walk down a residential street to party at your friends house. I’m definitely going again next year, but if I had an option between Mardi Gras and Gasparilla … GASPAR. I’m from Tampa, I’m a pirate, duh.

Now, lets discuss Spring Break. LSU law is too cool for Spring Break. SB is for the weak & this is survival of the fitness; only the strong survive. This is BS (haha did you see that?). I’m pretty upset that we don’t get a SB, but hold up … we did get 2 Mardi Gras days off and we’ll get 2 Easter Days off. [Mardi Gras is super serious, apparently]. I would take a week home on the beach over 2 days off here & there in BR, but hey La. is cool.

For inquiring minds, I have a pretty sick summer clerkship. I’m clerking for the Hillsborough County Attorney and I’m REALLY EXCITED! It will mostly consist of research, writing, and working in DOWNTOWN TAMPA, which has been my dream for only like FOREVER. Meet me on Kennedy, baby! It feels awesome to have summer work all lined up so nicely.

Subject of Men: well let’s just say … I can’t wait to be back home. I can’t seem to find an appropriate jump off, here = (

I miss you, Tampa. See you in less than 2 months. Until then, I have glitter in my veins and Swag on my brain.