In the past I have had many negative things to say about Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I expected that; I’m a Central Florida Girl. But, here is it … my shout out to the BR. SPRING IS AMAZING. This past month has been the best month ever!! Besides school and the occasional rain, life has been great.

Weather: The weather has been amazing. I still have not turned on my air conditioner. The temperature is permanently in the low-mid 80s. Everyday is a beach day (even though there is not a beach anywhere near here) and some days are tad bit too chilly for the beach. The sun is shining more than it ever has and the birds are chirping. Sometimes, I just stand on my balcony because it is so beautiful outside (I wish I had a bistro set to sit at on my porch). You guys feel me, Spring just doesn’t happen in Florida. On February 10th its freezing cold and on February 11th its warm and we’re going to the beach. The fact that there is this transition period is heavenly!

Food: Louisiana has this thing called Crawfish season, which is basically SEAFOOD SEASON!! I now know that I like crawfish = ) Louisiana likes it food, that’s why its like the 2nd most obese state in the country (following Mississippi), but its something that suits Louisianans just fine. The local restaurants are very yummy and as long as I only go out once a week I’m good. Have you ever had seafood stuffed French toast? I have & it rocked my world. Have you ever sucked the head of a crawfish? I have and it gets messy hahahaha.  The only way I could live in this state permanently would be if I liked being fat then I could eat all the time. Yay food!!

So there you Baton Rouge, Louisiana, your Spring Season is amazing!! I look forward to experiencing you two more times, then never experiencing you again. Thank you for keeping my energy bill down and my belly full. Love you!!

… Eat, be merry, and Swag.