THE FIRST YEAR IS OVER!! (& yes, I’m screaming) Let me start off by congratulating all of the rising 2Ls; we made it through our first year and we’re that much closer to taking the bar. I’m so proud of everyone for sticking it out and putting our noses in the books in a way that very few of us are accustomed to doing. With that said I am proud of you for doing what not everyone could; selling yourself to the curve (except the ivy league-ers).

Reflection of the year: The main question one encounters when you don’t go to the school you always thought you would is “Do you regret it?” I still do not have an answer to this question. I appreciate the education that I am receiving, but Baton Rouge is a pretty crappy place to live. Education prevails right? If education prevailed I wouldn’t be at LSU; I’d be at school ranked higher. So, there is my regret: not that I chose LSU over Stetson or Nova, but that I did not do better on my LSAT to get into UF. If I went to Stetson or Nova I would not have gotten much work done because both schools are so close to my family and beach. Let’s be real, BR is perfect for school. What else did I have to do? Pinterest haha

Fortunately, I have learned a lot this year. Living in a totally different part of the country has taught how the mannerisms of an entirely different culture. The same way California seems to be 5 years ahead of the country Louisiana seems to be 15 years behind. Every experience is a life lesson and I appreciate them all. I have two more years of the civil law, crawfish, pretty Spring seasons, plantation homes equipped with the original hanging trees, busted up roads, Mardi Gras, cowboy boots in “all types of weather”, girls in oversized tees, guys in knee showing shorts, the mall of Louisiana, Gardere, Snow man’s sno balls, and liquor anywhere, anytime. These are things that I will no longer experience after May 2014 so I shall enjoy them all, right now.

I return to the Bayou the second week of August. I’m very ready to get my 2L year over with and get into my 3L year. Il s’agit d’un monde différent et très divertissant dans le Sud dans le bayou.

I am ecstatic to be in Florida; home with my family and best friends. So far, I’ve just been relaxing and helping my parents re-model the laundry room. Soon, I will be working for the County Attorney and them the Attorney General.

I will keep you updated on my summer excursions. For a day-by-day, play-by-play follow me on that there Twitter: @KLjax … swag on, loves = )