Baton Rouge is the beautiful capitol of the state of Louisiana. It is home to the Flagship University, LSU, and the HBCU, Southern University. It is a small town with the population of a small city and God bless its soul for providing permanent refuge for Katrina victims. If you love crawfish, LSU athletics, and daiquiris then Baton Rouge is for you. Here are my tips to fitting in in the Rouge. If you follow these simple guidelines then you will have a knee-slapping good time in BR.

#10: Be aware of which side of the Mississippi River you are on at certain times of the day.

#9: Don’t dare speak Spanish or will forever be labeled as Mexican

#8: The more fried items on a menu the better the menu

#7: Racist jokes are funny unless they aren’t.

#6: A hurricane is the worst natural disaster to ever surface this planet

#5: It doesn’t matter if you are not anywhere near a horse, not tending to cows, wearing a mini skirt or its 95 degrees, cowboy boots are always acceptable

#4: Use “eaux” whenever physically possible to replace the sound of the hard ‘O’. For example, spell Ghostly as Gheauxstly

#3: Nola is the center of the universe. NYC, LA, ATL, and MIA don’t even exist

#2: The only thing remotely as amazing as football is Mardi Gras

#1: Drink all damn day