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I am a football fanatic. I’m obsessed by any definition. But, it’s not my fault. I didn’t choose this life; it chose me. My family is extremely male dominant and what sport can only men play: football. (To all the females who play tackle football, have fun with that.) I am that loud clapping, vertical jumping, high-fiving, swear yelling, booty short wearing girl your dad wished that you’d one day meet.

While my pops played basketball for Cornell University, one of my brothers played football for Notre Dame, one cousin played football at Boston College, one cousin played football at Kent State and one cousin played football at The University of Florida and then played pro ball. My family is finally swinging back to basketball with my nephew who is playing ball at Coastal Georgia.

 While, I shoot some hoops here and there, I am hands down in love football; FHSAA, NCAA, & the NFL. This is partly because is sat out in the bleachers at those stupid little league games; drove 50 miles away with my parents to a high school football game in Lakeland; I sat, delirious, in the Notre Dame stadium in 20-degree weather; and I watched old tapes of my brother over and over with my Dad. Do you know what it is like to be the little sister and the little cousin of all the golden boys????? It’s freaking awesome. I got so much cool stuff and I’ve been to football stadiums all across the country.

My favorite, die hard football teams are the Plant High Panthers, The University of Florida Gators, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Seriously, talk smack about these teams and I’ll George Zimmerman your tail. My secondary teams are the USF Bulls and the LSU Tigers. I want them to win, but it doesn’t hurt when they lose.

I know play calls, I predict play calls, I see fouls, I know records, I own jerseys and I take it personally. If you can’t talk football then I can’t talk to you. If you prefer to watch the game on TV than to actually go to the game then you can go to H-E double hockey sticks. There may be no crying in baseball, but there is crying in football because when a player left it all on the field the win or loss is an overwhelming feeling.

To the swaggiest of all sports, Football, love you boo.