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So, the J.D. is the easy part. What about the M.R.S? How does a crazy “young woman” jump into the sea of professional academia and find that one special fish that’s just for her? Don’t wait for me to tell you because I have no idea. But, society has labeled me as having a Type-A personality; therefore, I will attempt to intellectualize it for you.

First, getting married must be in your 5-year plan. One has to want to get married. That’s simple enough. My 5-year plan includes graduation, obtaining a full-time job, barhopping, and traveling. Marriage? Planning a wedding takes like a year. Also, if I’m getting married that means that I’m not dating all them men that I’m meeting at all these bars. NO check mark.

Second, dating within the law school or your chosen professional school must be a viable option for you. Eww, date within this law school. This school consists of 500 gossipers and 250 random hookups. I do not want to be a part of that. Let’s not forget that men in law school have this warped superiority complex where they feel like they are super special because they are in law school. Pssh, boy please, law school ain’t nothing special. I like spending time with men in different occupations so we can have interesting conversations and learn things about each other. No check mark.

Third, you must be willing to make new friends. You have to be at least acquaintances with your significant other’s friends. Especially, in law school, the more friends the merrier. NOT. I don’t do new friends. I don’t like people. I fail this part. No check mark.

Fourth, you must be willing to move to any part of the country. After law school, your spouse could get a job anywhere. I’m only living in central/South Florida. No Check mark.

Fifth, you must be a romantic. I think this is the most important factor. For love to find you, you must be open to love. What is love? How do you know when you have it? Don’t answer this if you’re the person who says, “I love you” to all of your significant others. I may not be sure about love, but I’m sticking with the notion that one doesn’t or hasn’t loved 3 different people. I’ve witnessed way to much infidelity to be pro-love at this point in my life. That’s my personal opinion.  I’d say I’m too young for love, but let’s be real I’m not that young. NO check mark.

According to my own theories I will never get married, which will fit well with my cynical view of marriages. In case you are confused, I’m single not lonely. Maybe when I become lonely, I will open myself up to love and happiness and give up the hot men and fast cars. Until then … “quiro sentir tus labios, besadome otra vez.”

Swag on … mis amores = )