This is an ode to my generation. It’s an informational letter to those who are older than me. This is my response to every time I’ve heard, “You’ll get it one day”, “You have a lot of life to live”, “You’re too young to understand”, “The younger generations are troubled.” If you are a sensitive person please do not read this.

I love being young! It is seriously the best thing ever and I am oh so convinced that people who are over the age of 35 wish that they were 23 years old, also. I don’t want to be older. I don’t want to “get it”; I’m not ready for “one day”. Oldie, why would I want to live like you with what you know?

My life is so good it’s ridiculous. I travel all over the world; I’ve been to 19 different countries. I do wild and crazy things: streaking, hurricane parties, skinny dipping, zip-lining. My friends are more wild and crazy than I am. I’m not pregnant, married, or on drugs. Life would only be better if I drove a 6 series, but that’ll come in time.

I’m sorry ( not really ) that your life is so boring that you sit on Facebook sharing memes and live posting about what is on television. Maybe you should take this knowledge that comes with the years and find a hobby. I hear working out is fun.

Basically, I’m saying that we are young so let us be young. We don’t’ want to know what you know nor do what you do because what you do is boring. To my generation, continue to kick ass. We have really stirred up this country and stirred up this world. No one can stop our drive; our passions are too strong to be stopped. “Tonight, We are young. So let’s set the world on fire .We can burn brighter than the sun.”