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When you’re a child changing schools and making new friends is terrifying and causes a certain dose of anxiety. The new hallways, new kids, new teacher, new atmosphere is more than enough to ruin a kid’s life at least for a week. It most cases that anxiety subsides and the child builds new relationships that rival their old relationships. So, what’s it like when adults go through this anxiety-filled coming of age more widely known as changing schools? Everyone has their own story, but my story goes like this ….

In August, all LSU Law 3Ls (third year law students) were forced to complete a one credit, three day trial advocacy training. It was thrilling in a deadening of the soul sort of way. The program ended at about 4 pm on Wednesday afternoon. I walked out of the law school dragged myself to my Tahoe and drove the 11.5 hours to Tampa. I was home on Thursday, packed up all my stuff, and on Friday moved to Miami. I started class at FIU Law that following Monday.

All of the things that terrify you as a child about changing schools exhilarate you as an adult. The change in scenery, new faces, new professors, and the new climate is all so amazing. The actual structure of FIU’s College of Law is beautiful. It’s modern, efficient, and the climate is well controlled. It’s nice not knowing anyone and no one knowing me. I don’t have to be friendly or talkative. I can just show-up, listen in class, and go home. No one is offended if I just walk right pass him or her. The professors are your normal law professors. As for the atmosphere, people are genuinely nice and happy. It’s probably the combination the perfect weather and palm trees, but people aren’t trying to academically kill each other. I don’t get pushed out of the library by the tension radiating from the tables.

I appreciate FIU College of Law for providing me a relaxing environment for my 3L year. With beaches down the road, concerts twice a month, and the best clubs and restaurants life is great. This is the way school should feel. I do miss a few people from LSU, but overall this move was a wonderful decision. Once, I’m employed this move will get bumped up to a perfect decision. No longer looking forward to graduation.

… Swag on with your cheeky bikinis

Below, is a picture that I took of one of the court yards while relaxing between classes. Not an anxious bone in my body.