Hey friends!! I know I’ve been ghost for a while, but now I am back = ) Here’s a concise rundown of my life since my move to Miami …

I moved back to Brandon, Florida

Started studying for the Florida Bar

Graduated From Law School

Rescued a Doberman Pinscher Puppy

Took the Florida Bar & (presumably) fell to the Florida Bar

… The last few months have been incredibly hectic and stressful. My anxiety has given me an eating disorder; I haven’t been consuming enough calories per day. YOU KNOW I LIKE TO EAT.

Now, that life has slowed down I am excited about being a real person again. I want to exercise like a healthy person, work like a fiscally responsible person, party like a twenty something year old, and love like a God-fearing person. Contingent on me passing the Florida Bar, I will be an immigration attorney come the end of September. I AM SO EXCITED. My beautiful pup, Stella, is getting bigger and smarter everyday; she’s such a princess.

LSU Law c/o 2014

LSU Law c/o 2014

My baby girl, Stella.

My baby girl, Stella.

My happy place!

Guess what … it feels great to know that I will never go back to school. 20 years of school and done. Heck yeah! I will keep ya’ll posted of anything interesting in my life, but I doubt anything super fun will happen. Always remember that what’s for you is for you & what’s for someone else is not for you. God moves your soul, but you move your feet. Fear is healthy. Only those with nothing to lose have no fear. God wouldn’t give you anything that you couldn’t bear. Happy last day of July. May your swagger continue to thrive. – Kiki Jax