Law Students Watch Football, Also


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I am a football fanatic. I’m obsessed by any definition. But, it’s not my fault. I didn’t choose this life; it chose me. My family is extremely male dominant and what sport can only men play: football. (To all the females who play tackle football, have fun with that.) I am that loud clapping, vertical jumping, high-fiving, swear yelling, booty short wearing girl your dad wished that you’d one day meet.

While my pops played basketball for Cornell University, one of my brothers played football for Notre Dame, one cousin played football at Boston College, one cousin played football at Kent State and one cousin played football at The University of Florida and then played pro ball. My family is finally swinging back to basketball with my nephew who is playing ball at Coastal Georgia.

 While, I shoot some hoops here and there, I am hands down in love football; FHSAA, NCAA, & the NFL. This is partly because is sat out in the bleachers at those stupid little league games; drove 50 miles away with my parents to a high school football game in Lakeland; I sat, delirious, in the Notre Dame stadium in 20-degree weather; and I watched old tapes of my brother over and over with my Dad. Do you know what it is like to be the little sister and the little cousin of all the golden boys????? It’s freaking awesome. I got so much cool stuff and I’ve been to football stadiums all across the country.

My favorite, die hard football teams are the Plant High Panthers, The University of Florida Gators, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Seriously, talk smack about these teams and I’ll George Zimmerman your tail. My secondary teams are the USF Bulls and the LSU Tigers. I want them to win, but it doesn’t hurt when they lose.

I know play calls, I predict play calls, I see fouls, I know records, I own jerseys and I take it personally. If you can’t talk football then I can’t talk to you. If you prefer to watch the game on TV than to actually go to the game then you can go to H-E double hockey sticks. There may be no crying in baseball, but there is crying in football because when a player left it all on the field the win or loss is an overwhelming feeling.

To the swaggiest of all sports, Football, love you boo. 


The Top 10 most useful things to know if you plan to live in Baton Rouge



Baton Rouge is the beautiful capitol of the state of Louisiana. It is home to the Flagship University, LSU, and the HBCU, Southern University. It is a small town with the population of a small city and God bless its soul for providing permanent refuge for Katrina victims. If you love crawfish, LSU athletics, and daiquiris then Baton Rouge is for you. Here are my tips to fitting in in the Rouge. If you follow these simple guidelines then you will have a knee-slapping good time in BR.

#10: Be aware of which side of the Mississippi River you are on at certain times of the day.

#9: Don’t dare speak Spanish or will forever be labeled as Mexican

#8: The more fried items on a menu the better the menu

#7: Racist jokes are funny unless they aren’t.

#6: A hurricane is the worst natural disaster to ever surface this planet

#5: It doesn’t matter if you are not anywhere near a horse, not tending to cows, wearing a mini skirt or its 95 degrees, cowboy boots are always acceptable

#4: Use “eaux” whenever physically possible to replace the sound of the hard ‘O’. For example, spell Ghostly as Gheauxstly

#3: Nola is the center of the universe. NYC, LA, ATL, and MIA don’t even exist

#2: The only thing remotely as amazing as football is Mardi Gras

#1: Drink all damn day

Bucket List

On May 12th, 2012 I ran in the Miles for Moffitt time-chipped 5k race. It was my first experience running in an organized 5k (3.1 miles). With the help of God I RAN the entire way and I am so proud of myself. At the start it was nice to run with other people in my community. It was like a community run. In my head I was thinking, “Ooh, look at all of us out here”. After a mile I was tired and by the 2nd mile I was exhausted. Some areas of USF’s concrete roads were shaded and others were ridiculously hot and sweltering. The only thing that kept me running, and not walking, is the fact that I was doing it for cancer survivors/victims and that my sister-in-law told me that I couldn’t walk. After I’s completed the run and after all the pain passed I was pleased with myself; such a feeling of accomplishment!

So, listed below are some interesting things that I’ve done in my life and my Bucket List.

Cool Things that I’ve Done

Run a 5k in 35 min. 14 sec.

Swam in the Mediterranean

Climbed a Volcano in Santorini, Greece

Partied in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day

Lived in Madrid

Went to a party hosted by Derrick Jeter and did the cupid shuffle with Michael Jordan.

Visited: Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Greece and Vatican City.

Things that I want to do Before I Die (Bucket List)

Compete in a triathlon

Finish my fiction novel

Write a non-fiction memoir

Go on a Safari in Africa

Go anywhere in South America

Be in Cancun on Cinco de Mayo

Go Jet Skiing (I know, crazy that I haven’t done this before)

–> Be blessed and Swag on = )

Love Purple, Live Gold

THE FIRST YEAR IS OVER!! (& yes, I’m screaming) Let me start off by congratulating all of the rising 2Ls; we made it through our first year and we’re that much closer to taking the bar. I’m so proud of everyone for sticking it out and putting our noses in the books in a way that very few of us are accustomed to doing. With that said I am proud of you for doing what not everyone could; selling yourself to the curve (except the ivy league-ers).

Reflection of the year: The main question one encounters when you don’t go to the school you always thought you would is “Do you regret it?” I still do not have an answer to this question. I appreciate the education that I am receiving, but Baton Rouge is a pretty crappy place to live. Education prevails right? If education prevailed I wouldn’t be at LSU; I’d be at school ranked higher. So, there is my regret: not that I chose LSU over Stetson or Nova, but that I did not do better on my LSAT to get into UF. If I went to Stetson or Nova I would not have gotten much work done because both schools are so close to my family and beach. Let’s be real, BR is perfect for school. What else did I have to do? Pinterest haha

Fortunately, I have learned a lot this year. Living in a totally different part of the country has taught how the mannerisms of an entirely different culture. The same way California seems to be 5 years ahead of the country Louisiana seems to be 15 years behind. Every experience is a life lesson and I appreciate them all. I have two more years of the civil law, crawfish, pretty Spring seasons, plantation homes equipped with the original hanging trees, busted up roads, Mardi Gras, cowboy boots in “all types of weather”, girls in oversized tees, guys in knee showing shorts, the mall of Louisiana, Gardere, Snow man’s sno balls, and liquor anywhere, anytime. These are things that I will no longer experience after May 2014 so I shall enjoy them all, right now.

I return to the Bayou the second week of August. I’m very ready to get my 2L year over with and get into my 3L year. Il s’agit d’un monde différent et très divertissant dans le Sud dans le bayou.

I am ecstatic to be in Florida; home with my family and best friends. So far, I’ve just been relaxing and helping my parents re-model the laundry room. Soon, I will be working for the County Attorney and them the Attorney General.

I will keep you updated on my summer excursions. For a day-by-day, play-by-play follow me on that there Twitter: @KLjax … swag on, loves = )

Shout Out to BR

In the past I have had many negative things to say about Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I expected that; I’m a Central Florida Girl. But, here is it … my shout out to the BR. SPRING IS AMAZING. This past month has been the best month ever!! Besides school and the occasional rain, life has been great.

Weather: The weather has been amazing. I still have not turned on my air conditioner. The temperature is permanently in the low-mid 80s. Everyday is a beach day (even though there is not a beach anywhere near here) and some days are tad bit too chilly for the beach. The sun is shining more than it ever has and the birds are chirping. Sometimes, I just stand on my balcony because it is so beautiful outside (I wish I had a bistro set to sit at on my porch). You guys feel me, Spring just doesn’t happen in Florida. On February 10th its freezing cold and on February 11th its warm and we’re going to the beach. The fact that there is this transition period is heavenly!

Food: Louisiana has this thing called Crawfish season, which is basically SEAFOOD SEASON!! I now know that I like crawfish = ) Louisiana likes it food, that’s why its like the 2nd most obese state in the country (following Mississippi), but its something that suits Louisianans just fine. The local restaurants are very yummy and as long as I only go out once a week I’m good. Have you ever had seafood stuffed French toast? I have & it rocked my world. Have you ever sucked the head of a crawfish? I have and it gets messy hahahaha.  The only way I could live in this state permanently would be if I liked being fat then I could eat all the time. Yay food!!

So there you Baton Rouge, Louisiana, your Spring Season is amazing!! I look forward to experiencing you two more times, then never experiencing you again. Thank you for keeping my energy bill down and my belly full. Love you!!

… Eat, be merry, and Swag.

Beads for Boobs, ummm …

I went to Mardi Gras for my FIRST TIME EVER this February. You see, this is a big deal. New Orleans is quite a trek from Central Florida and my friends and I would have had to get a hotel room and all that. But, since I live in good old BR, Mardi Gras was a day trip with D-money and Jazzy Jaz (lol). We stepped on Bourbon street at around 1:30 pm and the fun began. 2 grenades and 30 beads later its 5 pm and life was GREAT. I did not show my boobs for beads, but I did show my “abs” haha. Let’s see, I played a wash rack with a spoon, played with dogs, petted a horse, saw very small boobs, saw very big boobs, ate a questionable po-boy, peed 5 times, met friends on the street, watched some parade, clubbed it a little, and ended the night throwing up with a damaging headache. I would say that was a win of a Mardi Gras. IT WAS CRAZY! For all my Tampa people, let me compare it to Gasparilla for you. At Mardi Gras there is no water front bay, therefore no boating experience or beautiful view, beads come from the people up in the apt., mostly, and not from the floats, you can take your drink anywhere, people are naked, its easier to use the restroom, and you can’t walk down a residential street to party at your friends house. I’m definitely going again next year, but if I had an option between Mardi Gras and Gasparilla … GASPAR. I’m from Tampa, I’m a pirate, duh.

Now, lets discuss Spring Break. LSU law is too cool for Spring Break. SB is for the weak & this is survival of the fitness; only the strong survive. This is BS (haha did you see that?). I’m pretty upset that we don’t get a SB, but hold up … we did get 2 Mardi Gras days off and we’ll get 2 Easter Days off. [Mardi Gras is super serious, apparently]. I would take a week home on the beach over 2 days off here & there in BR, but hey La. is cool.

For inquiring minds, I have a pretty sick summer clerkship. I’m clerking for the Hillsborough County Attorney and I’m REALLY EXCITED! It will mostly consist of research, writing, and working in DOWNTOWN TAMPA, which has been my dream for only like FOREVER. Meet me on Kennedy, baby! It feels awesome to have summer work all lined up so nicely.

Subject of Men: well let’s just say … I can’t wait to be back home. I can’t seem to find an appropriate jump off, here = (

I miss you, Tampa. See you in less than 2 months. Until then, I have glitter in my veins and Swag on my brain.

Back to School.

This is the 4th week of my second semester of law school. It is a VERY small accomplishment, but an accomplishment all the same. Grades have been out for a month now; and rankings have been posted. Let’s just say that I’m not in the top 10%, but I’m not in the bottom 10% either. Fortunately, I am I am still here; something that everyone cannot say.

A moment of silence for the students who were enrolled in fourth tier schools and were in that group of 25%-30% who had to be booted out of that law school. * tear * Luckily, LSU Law wants to retain its students, therefore the people who are no longer here left on their own will or did absolutely no work.

I’m back on the start-of-school grind. I’m reading for every class and actually coming to class. Let’s see how long this will last. Looking at back at last semester’s grades one would think that I would be very motivated to do better this semester, but let’s be real, I’m just not that type of student. I’m just not the type of student to let school stress me out. Sucks for me though, because those types of students usually do the best in school. My classmates are going to be fighting tooth and nail for theses Louisiana jobs and they are all really smart, smarter than me, and they all deserve it.

I get to go back to Tampa and fight with Stetson, FAMU, & Barry students (maybe UF & FSU, but I hope they have bigger goals and don’t come back to Tampa). I think I have a good chance. I know my stuff and I’m super fabulous. Estoy mucho divertido!

I have applied to 3 government internships for the summer; all set in Tampa. * fingers crossed * I really want one. Crazily, I am interested in government/public interest work; most of all Immigration Law.

Now, life is more than just school. Its summer jobs, pro-bono work, clubs, and applying to clinics soon. Life just got real, really quickly. But it’s all good; I’m not depressed yet.

I want to give a shout out to the LTC, doing big things! I love my besties:

– Margaret: 2nd semester @ Emory Law !!

– Kylee: teaching english in Buenos Aires … ahhh

– Molly: getting her masters in Sport Management @ FSU = )

– Ami: Research job at Tampa General Hospital and starting the medical school process

– Isabel: Living in Cali and started the grad school application

– Jess: In Tampa w/ Ami while stewing over her grad school options


And my most played song right now is: “Breathe ft. sean paul” by Blu Cantrell

We all continue to … Swag On.

The Art of a Successful Break.

Exams have been over for a long time and I am on winter break. The Christmas tree is almost dead and year 2012 is walking up the driveway. Soon, I will have to return to Louisiana and law school and pot holes. BUT, I am still on break right now and I am enjoying it.

When I left Louisiana on Dec. 11 I was mentally tired. I was ready for school to be over with. This past semester was the most draining academic semester of my young life. I was ready to be with my friends and my close family. I was accustomed to being away from my family, but not my friends. I missed them like crazy. I was ready to get out of the country and the South. This past semester was a crazy culture shock; I felt like I was in a character in an old southern movie. People ask me whether I will transfer to a different school. I want to change locations, but LSU gives me way to much money to turn down and money screams. So, this Florida girl will remain in the nasty South.

As one would suspect, my break has been AMAZING!! Here, are the rules that I live by while I have the resources to do so:

  1. Get cash
  2. Get a vehicle
  3. Go out virtually even night
  4. Go on vacation out of the country
  5. Family time during the day
  6. Work on one’s to-do list
  7. Plan future vacations
  8. Not sit on twitter all day
  9. Wine all the time!
  10. SWAG
  • These 10 ideologies have made this break FANTASTIC!
  • btw, hockey games are so much fun! Granted my fam and I were in club seats, but the game was intense, also. So, yay for hockey!
  • I leave for the Bahamas tomorrow. Beach for New Years … fun.
  • Oh, one of my bro’s wife’s is expecting so I shall have another nephew or niece soon.
  • And life is just awesome. I feel great. I will be so sad to leave Tampa and return Baton Rouge. But, I have to go to school and May isn’t that far away. Right?
  • I am excited to see my boyz and to see my girlz. I am missing my hipster boyz and Southern Belles.

Clearly, I have been too busy to post anything so here you go. I will have an abundance of time when i return back to BR till then … Swag on.  

Thanks & Giving

The semester is over; let’s all be thankful. Today is Thanksgiving and I am alone in my apartment. I’m not studying today; I’m just going to clean and gym out. It has been a long road to this point and I am ready to take my finals and go home.So, here it is … things I am grateful for = )

–      GOD: through Him all things are possible.

–      My Family (blood is not a factor here): They are so amazing, smart, ridiculous, loving, and just a bunch of fools. Glad to be part of that crazy train.

–      LTC: my main bitches. Ami, Margaret, Molly, Kylee, Jessica, & Isabel. Such a diverse group of women. Love you girls, forever. We have been through so much together!!

–      My Mental and Physical Health

–      My experiences: I have seen so much in my life. I have need to tens of different countries and studied so many cultures. I can live anywhere in the world b/c I am comfortable with change and I respect differences.

–      My Satellite friends: I may not see or talk to you all the time, but our friendship is strong. Stefanie, Regina, Allie B., Tranice, Asha H., Sarah C., Alexis M., <- Love you ladies.

–      Pamela: I know my car is falling apart, but for a ’99 she is still holding strong lol

–      My Boyz: Mo, Ziggy, & D-Money

–      My Girls: Liv & Miss Rabs

–      That one ex: Every girl needs to fall for a bad boy to teach her how to hold her own and for her to learn exactly how she wants to be treated. That bad boy can teach a sheltered girl how to think like a man when necessary and how to put your emotions on lock when need be. Thanks for that, boo.

I am probably missing a lot, but oh well. Happy Thanksgiving and Swag on !!

It has been Real.

I am so ready to go home. Seriously, I would rather be in Gainesville right now and you all know that is saying a lot. I’m not homesick; I just would rather be home. Law school is great. Geaux Tigers. I’m having a lot of fun and I’m learning SO MUCH, but its time to go home for a while. Tampa/Brandon is screaming my name. Ybor, Channelside, and the Beach are calling out to me. I’m excited for vacation in Miami and New Years in Nassau, Bahamas!!!!

Being in law school isn’t that much of an accomplishment in my family. My family is crawling with lawyers who all went to a better law school than me. So, they have their little UF law club and I’m on the out skirt. With that and all the babies, no one really cares about my return, except my parents maybe. There won’t be a party waiting for me at home. I am no longer doing anything impressive. But, my friends miss me and I’m about to be all up in their face.

The LTC (my friends) will be back together this December and things are about to get crazy. I have missed these ladies so much. They are politically incorrect, aren’t sensitive, they don’t gossip like housewives, they have indie-hipster style, they leave drama for their mama, they have manners and class, they can have a good time without alcohol, they are an eclectic group and best of all they are city girls and they are mine. We are about to be all up in the Red Room, Ybor on Thursday and Saturday, maybe a little tree house time.

It will be hard to return to BR in January, but I have no choice but to come back. I don’t see next semester being much better; I’m waiting for my 2L year. I will have class with my girls and class with my boyz; hopefully, no randoms. I may actually meet people I didn’t know before. Also, I will get a chance to see what LSU basketball and baseball can do. <- Excited!

Can’t wait to … Swag On.