The semester is over; let’s all be thankful. Today is Thanksgiving and I am alone in my apartment. I’m not studying today; I’m just going to clean and gym out. It has been a long road to this point and I am ready to take my finals and go home.So, here it is … things I am grateful for = )

–      GOD: through Him all things are possible.

–      My Family (blood is not a factor here): They are so amazing, smart, ridiculous, loving, and just a bunch of fools. Glad to be part of that crazy train.

–      LTC: my main bitches. Ami, Margaret, Molly, Kylee, Jessica, & Isabel. Such a diverse group of women. Love you girls, forever. We have been through so much together!!

–      My Mental and Physical Health

–      My experiences: I have seen so much in my life. I have need to tens of different countries and studied so many cultures. I can live anywhere in the world b/c I am comfortable with change and I respect differences.

–      My Satellite friends: I may not see or talk to you all the time, but our friendship is strong. Stefanie, Regina, Allie B., Tranice, Asha H., Sarah C., Alexis M., <- Love you ladies.

–      Pamela: I know my car is falling apart, but for a ’99 she is still holding strong lol

–      My Boyz: Mo, Ziggy, & D-Money

–      My Girls: Liv & Miss Rabs

–      That one ex: Every girl needs to fall for a bad boy to teach her how to hold her own and for her to learn exactly how she wants to be treated. That bad boy can teach a sheltered girl how to think like a man when necessary and how to put your emotions on lock when need be. Thanks for that, boo.

I am probably missing a lot, but oh well. Happy Thanksgiving and Swag on !!